Welcome Home

Returning to Africa is a very big deal. Whenever an African reaches the soil of the Motherland for the very first time, a celebration is certainly in order. We at One Africa welcome you home. There will be drumming; there will be a feast; there will be dancing; and most importantly, there will be acknowledgement that the dreams of the ancestors is fulfilled with every new arrival.

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Liberation & Cleansing

After you visit the Last Bath and the Slave Dungeons, your body, mind and spirit may need to be renewed. The emotional experience of being at the scene of one of the greatest atrocities of mankind requires a healthy recovery process. One Africa offers a Liberation & Cleansing ritual that is designed to bring you back to wholeness and wellness. 

Cultural Naming Ceremony

Names matter in Africa, and that is especially true in Ghana. Your name says a lot about who you are, what region you are from, and what tribe you belong to. One Africa offers a traditional naming ceremony that empowers each participant with an authentic African connection. You will not leave Africa the same as you arrived. After receiving your cultural name, you will feel different, with a greater connection to the motherland. 

Knocking & Weddings

Don’t be surprised if you or someone you are travelling with decides to get married in Ghana. The beauty and spiritual energy of Ghana is absolutely intoxicating. Also, the people of Ghana are beautiful physically, mentally and spiritually. It is easy to find your soul mate in Ghana. One Africa is your Ghana Family. We stand in for your biological family and ensure that our guests understand and adhere to the important local customs. Knocking is a necessary pre-marital process that we facilitate for our new family members. You’re gonna love your experience.

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Kwanzaa Celebration

Our annual Kwanzaa Celebration is one of the ways that One Africa introduces Ghana to our African American culture. We celebrate Kwanzaa during the season, but we live the principles of Nguzo Saba every day. We honor our ancestors, acknowledge our youth, celebrate of good fortune and have a proper feast. Come and be with us, as we spread the wisdom of Kwanzaa to our village.  

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Walls of Remembrance

It is extremely important to maintain our own history. At One Africa our Walls of Remembrance pays tribute to our heroes and sheroes of our distinguished past. We, as African people, must tell our own story in our own words. Our history is rich and dates back well beyond the past 400 years of foreign imperialism and interference. Visit our Walls of Remembrance and cherish the glory of our distinguished past. Come and share your own stories with us. 

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