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Rest & Rejuvenation

Many people suffer from the disease of trying to do too much. As we go about our daily lives we have many responsibilities. Rest and rejuvenation is necessary. Taking time to allow your body and mind to rest is highest form of self-love. At One Africa, we encourage all of our guests to plan to do nothing occasionally. Doing Nothing is actually doing something. Our ocean view sleepers and hammocks offer our guests peace and tranquility. 

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Massage Therapy

Taking care of your body is absolutely essential to a great life experience. The human body is the most sophisticated machine of all. Maintenance breeds longevity. During your stay at One Africa, we recommend that you love yourself completely. Enjoy a total body massage on the beach that will put you to sleep. Don’t worry; we will supervise your rest and wake you in a timely manner.


If you have never experienced the magic of Reflexology, now is the time for you. Our certified Reflexologist will knock your socks off. Lay back, close your eyes and feel your body as it releases tension and anxiety. You will be a brand new person at the end of your session. Reflexology is a holistic treatment that involves the application of appropriate pressure to the Specific points and area of the feet hands and ears that correspond to the different body organs and body systems. THE ANCIENT ART OF FOOT MASSAGE

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Our resident doctor, Dr. Dean Nefer Seneb El is a licensed Chiropractic Physician, Therapeutic, Neuromuscular and Sports Massage Therapist. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your body, Dr. Dean and his team will relieve it. 

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Organ Cleaning

Make your body happy, clean out the undesirable stuff that causes cancer and disease. One Africa offers holistic herbal bitter fluids and shakes that cleanse the colon, liver or kidneys. When was the last time that you did a cleanse?

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Ancestral Trail Walk

Walking is a great way to love your body. The Ancestral Trail Walk is a 3 mile walk from One Africa to the Elmina Slave Dungeon. You will walk along the same route that our ancestors traveled on their horrendous journey. You will feel the spirits as you walk this beautiful land.

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