The Best Food

At One Africa we boast of the absolute best food in Ghana. Our food is prepared fresh everyday. We are truly not a fast food restaurant and we don’t cut corners on any of our meals. Ghana is a mecca for good and healthy food. We offer a large variety of Ghanaian dishes and international meals, as well as vegetarian and vegan meals. I personally recommend the Kick Azz Breakfast and the Grouper Steak Edina for dinner. The Kick Azz Breakfast features Ghana Yellow Corn Girts (ground fresh in the kitchen every morning), Omelet / or Eggs, Crispy Hash Browns, Pancakes, Waffles or French Toast, Chicken Sausage or Veggie Sausage,  Fruit, Toast, Juice, Coffee or Tea. The Grouper Steak Edina is Grilled Grouper (fish), served with steamed vegetables and lemon ginger sauce. It is all absolutely delicious. 

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The Best Cooks

The reason that One Africa food is so good is that the cooks are absolutely the best. Our team of talented cooks is led by the great Nana Shabazz who’s recipes are the foundation of our kitchen. Nana personally trained all of our great cooks. Dorothy, Rebecca, Letisha and Akyere complete the kitchen all-star team.

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The Best Service

Great food is only fully appreciated when it is complimented with great service. Our talented and extremely professional hostess (Enyonam) provides One Africa customers with that great service. You will be greeted, seated and served in a warm and friendly manner. You will receive a big smile and your meal will be served with One Africa love. 

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