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Wellness Orientations

Africans all over the world are being systematically assaulted. We are so traumatized that we suffer from many mental, physical, social and emotional disorders. We need to heal from all of our wounds in order to restore ourselves. Wellness affords us the opportunity to truly live. Our Wellness Orientation introduces the 8 degrees of wellness.

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Wellness Workshops

We break down the 8 degrees of wellness and initiate a group wellness process begins with Spiritual Wellness. The group process is tailored for each individual group and ranges from a 3 day program to a 21 day program. Several of our ceremonies are included in this process.

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Wellness Consultations

Before you leave One Africa, we invite you to create a personal wellness plan. Our resident wellness professionals will tailor a personal wellness plan that supports and addresses you unique needs. We evaluate each individuals eight degrees of wellness and design an easy to apply, long term program specifically for you. 

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